Spring is here and so are the CLONES! 

We have a full range of indica, hybrid, sativa and a few cdb's.

Our Girl's from Babylon Garden

Enjoy locally started clones with the  amazing strains Babylon Garden in Eugene. 

They specialize in  clones from non-feminized mothers.

Lush and healthy

If you are looking for healthy girls to bring home from their  nursery stop by our Springfield or Oakridge shops. 

HOme grown

Grow your own-

Smoke with pride of ownership!

Basic Growing Tips

Get yourself a good 3 to 5 gallon bucket with some decent soil, "not  miracle grow", and transplant that thing into something bigger.
Water it was pH adjusted water to about a 6.5 and let the soil dry out before you water it again.
You can keep it under a 24/7 light cycle for now if you want or 18/6.
If the temperatures in the 70s during the day natural light is better than artificial.

Read as much as you soon as you can, but this should keep you going until you can get some reading done.