Cannabis Edibles


What are Edibles?

Just like the word sounds it is cannabis that is processed into yummy foods .  Brownies and rice crispie treats are the old school traditional favorites. 

School is out and the rules have changed so edibles are everything from hot sauce to lollypops to almond butter. 


Whether you are new or are an experienced cannabis consumer be aware~

1. Edibles can take up to 2 hours to start taking effect.

2. MAKE SURE THAT YOU KNOW HOW MANY MG - milligrams - are in your edible. 

*Oregon caps a packaged edible at 50 mgs - but the experts suggest that you start at 5 mg when you are new. PLEASE ASK THE BUDTENDER or read the packaging to be sure that you do not overdue it. Many edibles need to be cut into pieces to be dosed properly. 


Both the Springfield & Oakridge shops carry a selection of edibles that vary all the time. 

We do our best to keep a full stock of chocolates, gummies, mints, caramels and lollies. We seek out new and unusual edibles throughout the state of Oregon. 


Phresh Start always honors Veterans and our Elders with daily discounts. 

We have in store special deals everyday.